OH YES unplug abeille
OH YES unplug ciel
OH YES unplug travail
OH YES unplug vigne lac
OH YES unplug foret montagne
OH YES unplug Paris metro
OH YES unplug trois arbres
OH YES unplug hiver
OH YES unplug pause
Oh YES unplug glace
OH YES unplug feuillage
OH YES Paris avec tour Eiffel
OH YES unplug envol
OH YES unplug ocean
OH YES unplug time
OH YES unplug ciel nuit
OH YES unplug ciel
OH YES unplug bureau
OH YES unpug montagne
Oh YES unplug airport

Looking for a magic drink? Read Harry Potter and wish for some polyjuice or contact the gods! Unplug !

I simply offer small breaks that will naturally soothen your mind and body. A smart, alternate option that will keep you away from soft drinks, artificially flavoured waters, iced teas. And, trust me, my drinks are much funnier and tastier than water...!
Natural ingredients, carefully picked out and mixed together for a surprisingly subtle taste. My recipes are unique and just a tad offbeat. And they are free of:

colorings, sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavours, additives, theine. Made in France by a small start up.


Original Range

These subtle and unique recipes are made of still water, a pure fruit juice, plant and spices!




Oh yes gingembre citon menthe.png

" Passion is what brings lemon and

and ginger together!"





"Winner of the blueberry queen contest !"

"Have you ever tried

dancing moringa?"

Oh yes moringa ananas menthe.png




Sparkling Range

Discover my spakling waters made with organic hydrolates. A wink to water!
You may wonder what is a hydrolat? Simply put, it's water impregnated with the essence of a plant.



& hemp

« My grandma still can't believe I did it!»

Oh yes melisse & menthe bergamote.png

lemonbalm & 

mint bergamot

" I fizz for you, and only you"

Oh yes carotte sauvage & coriandre.png

wild carrot &


" Wild I feel, wild I am"

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